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Leveraging Lifestyle Content to Boost Community Engagement

The Story

Located in Carmel, California, Santa Lucia Preserve is an embodiment of refined luxury nestled in nature. A private residential community set amidst 20,000 acres of protected Californian wilderness. A community dedicated to appreciating and respecting its natural beauty, history, and culture. The community encompasses fewer than 300 families, the nonprofit Santa Lucia Conservancy, a world class golf course and a diverse team of dedicated staff.

The Challenge

The unique value proposition of Santa Lucia Preserve is its blend of natural beauty, conservation ethics, and an innovative community design. However, effectively communicating this to potential homebuyers, allowing them to experience the blend of wilderness, community, and culture, proved challenging with traditional marketing methods. The Preserve needed an innovative approach that would not only capture its unique attributes but also inspire potential buyers to choose this idyllic ranch living.

The Solution

Beyond capturing stunning images, we aimed to weave a compelling visual narrative. We documented a day in the life of a resident family, portraying the tranquility and joy of living in this unique community. 

Our storytelling extended to the work of the Santa Lucia Conservancy and the role of residents in protecting the Preserve's natural and scenic resources. Through interviews and documentary-style footage, we showcased the community's shared commitment to conservation.


The resulting content provided a vivid, engaging representation of life at Santa Lucia Preserve, allowing potential buyers to experience the community before even setting foot in it.

The Results


The dynamic, engaging content boosted interaction across Santa Lucia Preserve's digital platforms, including their website and social media channels.

Enhanced Brand

The visually compelling content enhanced the community's image as a place where luxury meets conservation, resonating with high-end buyers looking for a unique living experience.

Improved Lead

The immersive storytelling generated high-quality leads, as prospective buyers connected with the community's values and lifestyle.

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