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How Video Content Drove Success for Rosewood Residencies 

The Story

Rosewood Residencies, a name synonymous with luxury and prestige, embarked on an ambitious project on the sun-drenched shores of Lido Key, Florida. The task at hand was not just to build another high-end residence, but to create a lifestyle vision that would resonate with potential residents. We needed to translate this vision into compelling video content that would capture the imagination of its discerning clientele.


The Challenge

The project presented a unique set of challenges. The first was to uphold the high standards associated with the Rosewood brand. This meant creating content that was not only visually stunning but also aligned with their brand identity. The second challenge was to work closely with developers to visualize a project that was still in development. This required us to imagine and convey what the lifestyle and amenities would be like for future residents.

The Solution

To navigate these challenges, we adopted a two-pronged approach. First, we immersed ourselves in the Rosewood brand, studying their past projects and brand ethos to ensure our content would be a seamless extension of their identity. We also engaged in extensive dialogue with the Rosewood team to understand their vision for the Lido Key project.


Second, we collaborated closely with the developers, architects, and interior designers. We studied architectural renderings, interior design plans, and even the local culture and lifestyle. This allowed us to create a comprehensive picture of the future lifestyle at the residence.

The production of the lifestyle video content was a meticulous process. We aimed to create a narrative that would transport viewers to Lido Key, allowing them to experience the luxury, tranquility, and exclusivity of life at the Rosewood Residency.

This project underscored the power of well-crafted video content in conveying a lifestyle vision. It demonstrated that with a deep understanding of the brand, close collaboration with developers, and a creative approach to storytelling, it is possible to bring a project to life before it has even been built. The success of the Rosewood Residencies' Lido Key project serves as a testament to the power of visual storytelling in the realm of luxury real estate.

The Results

Brand Alignment

This project marks the first time the Rosewood brand will have a standalone residential project not connected to a hotel. The video content successfully upheld the high standards of the Rosewood brand, aligning with their brand identity and conveying the luxury and prestige associated with their residences. This is a testament to the quality of the video production and the careful attention to detail in ensuring brand alignment.

Sales Success

As of early September, the project had already sold 10 units, totaling about $100 million in sales volume. The video content vividly brought to life the under-development Rosewood Residencies Lido Key project, narrating a compelling story of future luxury living. This effective storytelling, combined with the project's unique offering of resort-like amenities in a private home setting, drove strong demand and brisk sales.

Audience Engagement

The video content resonated with the target audience, as evidenced by the strong demand and sales. The video was effective in capturing the audience's attention and interest through an envisioned lifestyle at the Lido Key residence. The video content was able to engage viewers who are already familiar with and attracted to the brand through our high quality production.

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