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Enhancing Brand Perception through Immersive Video Content

The Story

Balsam Mountain Preserve, a luxury real estate development in the picturesque mountains of North Carolina, was undergoing a significant transformation. While Compass Marketing was handling their rebranding, our task was to create lifestyle video content that would enhance the brand perception to match the renovated luxury offerings.


The Challenge

Balsam Mountain Preserve had invested heavily in renovations to elevate their luxury offerings. However, the perception of their brand was not reflecting these enhancements. The Preserve's existing content was falling short in truly reflecting the quality and lifestyle it offered. It was crucial to create a narrative that would not only showcase the Preserve's unique beauty but also resonate with the emotional connection that members have with it. The challenge was to find authentic stories that would appeal to both current members and attract potential new ones. We needed to align the brand perception with the hidden gem that is Balsam Mountain Preserve.

The Solution

In collaboration with Compass Marketing, we embarked on a mission to create lifestyle video content that would bring the renovated properties to life. We focused on capturing the unique aspects of the properties, the attention to detail in the renovations, and the unparalleled living experience they offered.


We delved into the heart of the Preserve, capturing authentic stories that would evoke the emotional connection that members have with it. Our content was designed to showcase a sense of luxury and exclusivity, mirroring the brand's new image crafted by Compass Marketing. 

The Results

Immersive Experience

The lifestyle video content we created resonated deeply with both current and potential new members. The authentic stories we told evoked the emotional connection that members have with the Preserve, leading to a significant increase in member engagement. The content successfully showcased the unique beauty of the Preserve and the lifestyle it offers, leading to increased inquiries and interest from potential new members.

Enhanced Brand

Our video content played a crucial role in transforming the perception of Balsam Mountain Preserve. By authentically capturing the essence of the Preserve and its amenities, we were able to align the brand perception with the exceptional quality of the Preserve. This alignment resulted in a positive shift in brand perception, with the brand now accurately reflecting the high-end nature of Balsam Mountain Preserve.

Improved Lead

Despite previous struggles, Balsam Mountain Preserve experienced a significant increase in land sales and commitment to home constructions, a testament to the power of immersive storytelling in influencing buying decisions.

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